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Nature lovers, take the time to venture into one of the parks and gardens of Poitiers. Charming city with a rich historical past, Poitiers reveals its parks and gardens to offer you a moment of relaxation in the heart of a haven of peace of greenery. Take the time to discover our 3 essentials.

1. A Nature Getaway in the Heart of the City in Blossac

Located in the heart of the city, stroll through the shady alleys of the Blossac Park for a guaranteed breath of fresh air. A few minutes from the great monuments that shape the city Church of Our Lady of the Great, St. Peter's Cathedral, this park dating from the XVIIIth century offers rejuvenating landscapes in the heart of the city. French gardens, vast lawns, fountains and century-old trees, it's a real breath of fresh air available to you.

On large expanses of lawn, enjoy a picnic with family or friends with our good products from counter of Poitou. Take advantage of this peaceful atmosphere to watch your children play on the play areas specially designed for them. Observe the many varieties of flowers and plants that adorn the park.

2. A haven of greenery in the Jardin des Plantes

Situated near the city center of Poitiers, Jardin des Plantes a real haven of greenery and tranquility for all nature lovers. Venture into the alleys of the park created in the XNUMXthth century and observe the great diversity of plants, trees and flowers. Do not hesitate to enter the tropical greenhouses where you can admire exotic species.

Take a break in this peaceful garden and hit the road again to discover the many gems of Poitiers.

leaf stroke - Tourism Vienne

3. Moment of contemplation at the Parc de la Roseraie

A few minutes from the city center of Poitiers is a real treasure of flowers which attracts nature and garden lovers. Stroll through the alleys of the park and admire this spectacle of colors and perfumes. THE Rose Garden Park home to thousands of varieties of roses, climbing roses, old roses, enough to impress.

Stroll along the paths and take the time to observe the delicate petals of the water lilies in one of the park's ponds. You can also share a friendly moment with a picnic with friends or family. La Roseraie is the ideal place for a floral getaway.

Roseraie Park 1 - Tourism Vienne©ACAP

4. Sensory Treasure at the Jardin des Sens

Designed to amaze and stimulate all our senses, the Garden of the Senses offers you a rejuvenating moment in the heart of the historic city of Poitiers. Whether you are passionate about plants or simply curious, test your senses: sight, hearing, taste and smell walking through the different themed areas of the garden.
Adults or children, explore the nature of this park in a fun and educational way. Of the plants with various textures, captivating fragrances, vibrant colors and soothing sounds await you at every turn.

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During your visit to Poitiers, do not miss the opportunity to discover the parks and gardens from the city. From the Parc de Blossac with its classic charm, to the Jardin des Plantes with its botanical treasures, passing by the romantic Parc de la Roseraie and sensory jewel of the Jardin des Sens, these green spaces offer a refreshing getaway in the middle of the city.

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