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Holy Cross Collegiate Church in Loudun ©Sébastien SAUVE - Agence Zebrelle

Between Anjou, Touraine and Poitou, Loudun is ideally located for exploring the surrounding major tourist regions. But before you go too far, take the time to discover the wonders of the ancient citadel of Loudun and its territory. Castles, lakes, treasure hunts, vineyards, there are so many things to do in the Pays Loudunais!

What to do in Loudun, ranked among the most beautiful detours in France?

1 hour from Poitiers, perched on a hill dominating the surroundings, Loudun was once a stronghold surrounded by 3 lines of ramparts. Its remains and the charm of its typical architecture have earned it the recognition of the network of the Most Beautiful Detours in France.

Go to the assault of the old citadel of Loudun

A patchwork of white facades and red and gray roofs, this is the first image we have of Loudun. The whiteness of limestone illuminates the hill on which the small town is perched. First an oppidum, then a medieval stronghold, Loudun was a real citadel surrounded by 3 walls.
By surveying the upper town, you will discover the traces of this medieval life : the majestic Porte du Martray, remains of the ramparts et the Square Tower, the highest point of the city.

Know that you can conquer the city thanks to several interactive formulas. The tourist office offers 2 original visits animated by challenges and led by a guide. The app Tèrra Aventura also created a geocaching route in the city “Big words, big remedies”

Finally, the Randojeu site encourages you to follow the ghost of the controversial priest Urbain Grandier for a discovery full of twists and turns.

The Porte du Martray in Loudun©Bastien SAUVE – Agence Zebrelle

Marvel at the stone lacework of the Saint-Hilaire du Martray church

Among the essentials of Loudun's heritage, the Saint-Hilaire du Martray church is a jewel of flamboyant Gothic. In addition to the sumptuous stained glass window of its bedside, it is its interior and exterior sculptures that leave all visitors in awe, and more particularly the floral decorations of the south portal, similar to real lace. An absolute wonder!
A stone's throw away is the Charbonneau-Lassay Museum, housed in an XNUMXth century mansionrd century. Find a rich collection of objects from the territory, old books, swords and firearms!

Walk in the footsteps of the illustrious Théophraste Renaudot

Le Renaudot prize, you know ? It's a certain Theophraste Renaudot, born in Loudun at the end of the 16th century, who gave his name to this literary award. This illustrious Loudunais with many lives was both a doctor and a journalist. He fought for the cause of the poorest for whom he imagined the first employment agency. It is to him that we owe the creation of advertising and the press in France.
It is easy to imagine why the inhabitants of Loudun are so proud of their ancestor. It is in his house that the Renaudot Museum retraces his life.

Take a break at the medieval garden and the square tower of Loudun

During your discovery of Loudun, take the time to do a break in the medieval garden. It’s a little haven of peace that offers itself to you on the heights of the city, among arches of roses, fruit trees and aromatic plants. You also find here the medicinal plants that Renaudot used.

is also perched there the Tour Carrée, which towers over the town of Loudun : probably built in the 12th centuryrd century to act as an observatory, it has been classified as a historic monument since 1877. The tower can be visited: don't miss, at its summit, the superb panorama of the Loudunais!

What to do around Loudun?

As everywhere in the department of Vienne, visits are not lacking in the Pays de Loudun. So, after exploring every nook and cranny of the city of Renaudot, it's time to discover the nearby surroundings. In less than 20 minutes, there are no less than 8 activities that we have selected for you!

Relax in the Station Verte de Moncontour

18 km from Loudun, place to relax in Moncontour ! With its leisure center on the shores of Lake Magne, the town is classified as a Green Station. In addition to the play areas, beach volleyball, water slide or pump track, you can experience the sensations of sliding thanks to a water ski lift.

Finally, to have fun while visiting the charming little village, nothing better than the treasure hunt suggested by the application. Tèrra Aventura. The course "The Great Mist" goes through all the unmissable places of the city:
   • The 25 m high keep, witness to the Battle of Moncontour in the XNUMXthrd century
   • The small mill and its channel
   • The laundry path with its twenty washhouses out of the 50 that still exist in the village.

Tèrra Aventura in Moncontour©Tom LAMBERT – Agence Zebrelle

Take your time at the Domaine de Roiffé

Whether for a few hours or for several days, the Domaine de Roiffe opens its doors to all epicureans. Here, welcome to families, lovers and all tribes! The range of services offered is wide:
   •   Accommodation in a *** hotel or gites in old charming buildings
   • Various activities: golf, horse riding, swimming pool, games room, ice rink
   •   O Claire Spa in an independent chalet on the estate
   •   Microwinery where the enthusiasts Kévin, Nico and Léo receive you for extraordinary experiences,
   •  Restaurant l'Alcove, where the dishes will delight the taste buds of all gourmets!

Bathe in the magic of La Mothe-Chandeniers

Placed in the middle of a small lake which served as its protection in ancient times, La Mothe-Chandeniers is a real fairy tale castle saved from ruin a few years ago, by several thousand co-castellans. The waters that surround it and the trees that emerge from its windows bring a lot of romance and mystery to this enchanting picture.

Its style, both medieval and neo-Gothic, seems to secretly keep many legends. Will you be able to pierce them?

Step into the shoes of a knight in the neighboring castles of Loudun

If their physiognomy is different, the castles of Ternay and Monts-sur-Guesnes both allow you to relive the great epic of the knights of the Middle Ages.
The visit of Castle of Mont-sur-Guesnes is done in an immersive way, animated by modern mapping and scenography. On the side of Chateau de Ternay, the visit is more traditional with an investigation game that closes the course. The latter was our favorite in 2021, which earned him to be one of the Expériences famille essentials.

Awaken your taste buds in the heart of the AOC Anjou Saumur vineyards

With its oceanic climate and calcareous soil, the Pays de Loudun is part of the terroir of the AOC Anjou Saumur.
To better understand the work around the vines, follow the educational trail in the middle of the Trellises of the White Queen in Curcay-sur-Dive. With the fortress dominating it, the setting of this conservatory of old vines is magnificent. It is even more enchanting on the side of the neighboring Gallo-Roman bridge which spans the Dive.

In order to fully immerse you in the local wine-growing tradition, 2 estates stand out for their extraordinary built heritage:
   •   The Domaine du Grand Clos and its 5000 m² of troglodyte cellars that you will have the chance to tread
   •   The Domain of Berrye with its 12th century fortressrd century classified as a historical monument

Among the good addresses that are opening their doors, we can also mention the Domains of Isabelle Suire or La Neuraye in sustainable agriculture, Domains of Saint-Landor orEpinay in organic farming, Domaine Vallet Father and Son where it is possible to stay, or the Domaine Bois Mignon with its reception room carved into the rock.

And if you discover, not very far from here, Haut-Poitou wines ? We tell you more here.

Set down your suitcases at Le Bois aux Daims estate

If you dream of a comfortable stay near Loudun, put your suitcases in Domaine Le Bois aux Daims at Center Parcs. Do you prefer a cottage or a tree house to spend peaceful nights? For activities, there is no shortage of choice: tree climbing, animal park, horse riding and of course Aqua World ! Here, children and parents are kings!

You probably didn't realize there were so many things to do in Loudun. Now that you know everything, or almost everything, you no longer have any excuse not to book your vacation in the region. Moreover, the Pays Loudunais offers a nice variety of accommodation: make your choice quickly!

Deep Nature Spa at Center Parcs, Domaine du Bois aux Daims©Deep Nature Spa – Ludovic di Orio