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It is not the surprises that are lacking in the Monkey Valley Park ! Kaya's character has unfortunately gotten lost, and now needs visitors to find her family! Let's follow little Louise and her parents in this original adventure.

I had the best day of the vacation!

Dad had a great idea: to visit the park of the Valley of the Monkeys with a treasure hunt. Mom was a little scared because the monkeys and primates are free in the park. They can pass very close to our feet. But I managed to convince her!

We decided to test “ Kaya's adventure »: he had to find his family because they were lost in the park. I had a small adventurer's backpack filled with objects: compass, map, binoculars. Dad had the map to find his way between the different islands.

And mom was playing the game by helping us find the answers! Not all the questions were simple, but together we managed to get it right!

Kaya's Adventure at the Valley of the Monkeys©Filmsetimages.fr

We went through the territories of each species of primates. Sometimes we attended "feedings" and the trainers explained how the monkeys live in the wild. It was really exciting. I saw gorillas, bonobos, lemurs, capuchins and also meerkats!

In the end we managed to find Kaya's family, thanks to animals and clues. I learned a lot and loved seeing these animals with my own eyes. We had a great time all together. When are we going back there?

If, like Louise and her parents, you want to help Kaya, go to Romagne, 40 minutes south of Poitiers, at the Vallée des singes park! This activity is part of Expériences famille, activities designed to share moments with the tribe.

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