Embark on a hot air balloon flight over the landscapes of the Vienne

Nature escape, Atypical experiences, Children love it

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Expériences Famille
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La Vienne, these are castles, amusement parks, long rivers and large plains embellished with various forests. Why not observe all this from the sky with your little tribe? For this, opt for a spectacular hot air balloon flight which will take you, after having participated in the preparation, above the superb landscapes of Poitou.

Hot air balloon flight near Châtellerault

It is with theExpériences famille” “ Hot air balloon flight sensation with family » that your dream of flying can come true. Follow the preparation of the hot air balloon, while feeling the adrenaline rush, before flying over the landscapes and observing our world differently.

In the early morning or before sunset, set off with your head in the clouds above magnificent landscapes bathed in natural light. Take the time to scan and admire the villages, rivers, castles and other monuments from the sky.

Dad you see the village! People are as small as ants!
Yes it's Monthoiron, look you can see the tower-fortress!

The route is done according to the wind, a moment of escape and freedom that gives you sensations, while you appreciate the breathtaking spectacle that unfolds before your eyes.
You feel privileged, surrounded by your family, and time seems to slow down.

During this flight, keep your eyes wide open. Contemplate the view, take the time to observe all the details that can only be seen from the sky.

The trip ends with a glass of champagne and a glass of fruit juice for the children. You are calm, as light as a feather, your mind full of incredible images.
A first flight diploma is given to you at the end of your flight. Children will be able to frame it in their room, and have a great story to tell their friends!

After the flight, return to the cow floor. Now it's time to visit the city of Chatellerault and its hidden treasures. To stay close to nature, Pinail National Nature Reserve will be your essential stopover point, before navigating towards Cenon-sur-Vienne. Finally, the unmissable park Futuroscope opens its doors wide to you to discover the many attractions full of sensations.