Let's save the Royal Abbey of La Réau as a family!

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Expériences Famille
Enigma game at the Royal Abbey of Réau ©Thomas Jelinek - Agence-Zebrelle
An activity "Expériences Famille" is available here

A true historical jewel from the 14th centuryrd century the royal abbey of Réau located in Saint-Martin-l'Ars to the south of the Vienne is also a huge playground for all families looking for fun activities for the holidays! How about saving the abbey from a terrible threat, in a Monument game where the whole family participates?

Monument game “Save the Réau”

Let's follow the adventures of a young boy who saved Réau Abbey in Saint-Martin-l'Ars from the British invaders!
Today, mum, dad, Clémentine and I went to a very old place to put ourselves in the shoes of a monk: the Abbaye de la Réau! With my sister, we were so happy because we love playing puzzles. When we arrived, the locals gave us very special clothes: monks' clothes.
I didn't know what a monk was. It seems that they never spoke and all lived together in large stone buildings. Every day they followed rituals and went to pray in the nearby abbey.

Today it no longer has a roof, it's a shame because it must have been too pretty. 
For the game, we therefore dressed as a monk, it was funny. Even mum and dad dressed up. We found ourselves in 1372 a long, long time ago, and there was a war against the English. They wanted to invade the abbey and the monks' house, so we tried to stop them all together!

Clémentine was too strong, she answered lots of questions. We had fun entering the living rooms of the monks: the living rooms, the kitchen, the dining room, the bathroom, the bedrooms. And even to play hide and seek in secret rooms... but I'm not allowed to say that!

In the end, we managed to prevent the English from setting fire to the abbey, but it was less than one! We were so proud of ourselves!

After this game Expériences famille full of emotions, complete the visit with other activities offered on site: stone cutting or minting coins. Guided tours are also offered, to unlock all the secrets of the abbey. Other surprises await children, such as a night on the water at Floating Village of Pressac.