7 key attractions not to be missed at the Futuroscope theme park

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The Futuroscope Park is more than 40 attractions to fill up on fun and travel in unique and futuristic universes. You will embark on crazy adventures for several minutes. As it is not possible to do everything, we reveal to you our selection of favorite attractions to live absolutely during your stay!

1. Objective Mars: direction Space

The first family roller coaster in the Futuroscope is a must-see in the park. Board a space shuttle for an interstellar journey, and assess your fitness to go to the planet Mars and become a real astronaut. Avoid electromagnetic fields, meteor showers and solar flares in the wagon launched at 55km/h! And of course, be careful when landing... Thrills guaranteed...

This attraction was voted Best New Roller Coaster in 2020 by the European Star Awards.

2. Tornado Chasers: follow two zany Scientists

Eastern Tornado Chasers one of the new features of 2023 . From the queue, you enter the world of tornadoes alongside two scientists very different. Follow their research at the Center for Extreme Meteorological Studies before the improbable happens: a giant tornado rush in your direction. You will have to trust Melanie and Alex, and get on board their all-terrain vehicle to tame nature.

Between acting and giant screen, on a circular platform, you will feel the effects of the tornado as if it were very real.

3. The Extraordinary Journey: a trip full of emotions

In a few minutes, you will visit five magical continents of our planet! Feet in the void facing a 600 square meter screen, the Skyloop takes us on a journey full of emotion. The sounds and smells transport us to India, Egypt, Dubai, Yellowstone and above the Himalayas: enough to take your eyes away! And go out with the mad desire to start again and again.

This attraction was voted Best European Attraction by Parksmania Awards 2017

Futuroscope Park©Futuroscope Extravoy18crea

4. Futuropolis: the World designed for Children!

It is said that the children would like to “do like the grown-ups”: it is possible at Futuropolis! Firefighter for a day, lifeguard at sea, pilot, site manager... your child has the choice among the 20 original rides, outdoors !
In 2024, new attractions will emerge with “The Lumberjack River”, “Hydroelectric power station” et “Cinepolis”.

5. The Vienne Dynamic: the essential!

In bends, watch out for pitching! You follow the famous Guerliguet in a surprising and dynamic journey to the four corners of la Vienne, while a future groom seeks to join his beloved… This attraction highlights architectural gems and tourist places in the department of Vienne.

6. The Aerobar: an aperitif with your feet in the air!

Have a drink at 35 meters high, not even afraid ? Then the Aerobar will seduce you with its breathtaking view of the Futuroscope park and beyond. A sensational place to sip your drink and look at the park from an unusual perspective.

Family at Futuroscope©Bruno_Comtesse_D_LAMING__Architecte_AEROPHILE_Parc_du_Futuroscope

7. The Time Machine: Bwaaaah!

Sit on a (fake) toilet, and let yourself be told the story of the world by Rabbids. A queue is a crazy attraction, like these strange creatures from elsewhere!