Fun activities for the whole family

Expériences Famille, it is a selection of fun activities in the Vienne, with the credo: here, the whole family is involved! Do It Yourself workshops, thrilling investigations, sporting challenges, nature or cultural discoveries… (re)discover the Vienne as a family through a multitude of incredible experiences.

Philibert's Gazette ©Amélie R Phorgraphie - Pomme Verte

Incredibly fun, downright family!


"Expériences Famille” is here to kick you off the daily grind!

Whether you are two, three, four, ten or an entire tribe, we have what you need to have fun with your family! Games and surveys ️‍to become budding Sherlock Holmes, sporting challenges ‍for your team spirit, adventures in the middle of nature, cultural discoveries to learn lots of things as a family…

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And the most important thing is that the whole family gets involved!

In the footsteps of Pagayou ©
A Canoe That Stops Time
An infinitely relaxed stroll
Philibert's Gazette ©Amélie R Phorgraphie – Pomme Verte
A Duck Under Water
In the shoes of a reporter
Hike Lama with La Belle Anée ©Pomme-verte

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The Grand Atelier Express

The Grand Atelier Express offers you a “return to the past”, between 1890 and 1970, and will introduce you to the life of Montmartre artists at the Cabaret du Chat Noir, technical progress in the Auto-Moto-Vélo space, changes in eating habits and clothing linked to the development of transport, the life of laborers and bourgeois Châtelleraudais in the Arms manufacturing space, etc.

A train that goes off the rails
06 LEX1 - Tourism Vienne©Amélie.R-photographies-Pomme Verte
Expériences Famille Philibert's Gazette©Amelie R. Photographies – Pomme Verte

Philibert's Gazette

There's panic in the corridors of the Journal de Montmorillon! The Gazette journalist suddenly disappeared. Drama: the next issue of the newspaper should start in a few hours! Your mission: you will team up to complete the last articles. The subject of the report? An immersion in the City of Writing and Book Professions. So it’s up to you to play!

A Duck Underwater
family words
The activity is very well designed, fun, rich in cultural and historical information.
We all had a good laugh! It's perfect !
A delighted mom 🤩
Callligraphy Workshop
What awaits you in the land of families…

Your dose of family happiness

Embark on the Grand Atelier Express
Kaya's Adventure at the Valley of the Apes
Who is this knight? at the Château de Ternay
Follow The Zed Family in the Vienne

PS: We warn you, once you have tasted it, you won't be able to do without it! SO …