Macaron de Montmorillon and its Museum: fun and tasty

In Montmorillon in the South-Vienne, the Rannou-Métivier house combines delicious flavors and know-how. Above the shop, a museum space, with a brand new scenography, retraces the history of the macaroon and that of a family and gourmet epic that has lasted for more than 100 years.

Macaroon Museum in Montmorillon ©Bastien SAUVE-Agence Zébrelle

A know-how for five generations

There are twelve of them, delicately lined up on their baking sheet. Under the golden crunch of the macaron, we guess a tender heart suggesting a unique taste. The one from almond and know-how. Its secret manufacturing recipe has been passed down from generation to generation.
The tasty start of a story that is told over Macaroon Museum through a whole new scenography. Throughout the different spaces, the almond tree shares its secrets with you.

Almond in red thread

At children's level, it is the "little pastry chef" who is in charge of putting the precious nut into images and a treasure hunt. essential ingredient, the almond is one of the red threads of the museum. Arboriculture, pollination, small and big history intertwine on the walls. During your visit, stroll through the 3 visit areas : The showroom, the amphitheater and the winter garden and discover the few manufacturing secrets of these marvelous macaroons.

Explore the world of this famous specialty that has made Montmorillon famous since the XNUMXth centuryrd century.

Adults will discover the journey of the "maccherone" imported into France by Catherine de Medici. Quoted by Rabelais in 1552, popularized via the convents and monasteries which derive a source of income from the cake, the macaron appeared in Montmorillon in the XNUMXthrd century. We also find the trace of an order in the registers of the priory of the Maison-Dieu in 1673. It is to the Rannou-Métivier family that we owe, from 1919, the macaroon fame Montmorillon.

Through archive images, the history of this transmission, the passion and quality of the product, the reputation of a house as jealously protected as the recipe for the famous macaron are revealed!

Macaroon Museum in Montmorillon

Labeled Living Heritage Company

Within the workshop area, machines and utensils recount the authenticity of gestures which, for many, have not changed for more than a century. Near the impressive tunnel oven, sieves, casings and molds testify to this artisanal know-how. In terms of unusual objects, the macaroon syringe is a curiosity not to be missed… just like the gourmet stage at the end of the visit where you can bite into this delicate little cake.
This traditional know-how earned it one of the first French agri-food companies to receive the "Living Heritage Company" label.

The Rannou-Métivier House is also distinguished by the excellence of its chocolates, awarded among the best chocolatiers in France. So many invitations to discovery and indulgence that it would be unthinkable to resist...