Les Gens de Cherves


The association "les gens de Cherves" within the framework of a Poitevin farm inhabited since the 15th century makes you discover the site and the culture of Haut-Poitou through its 14 museum rooms where the story of the cultivation of hemp to the drugget (secular fabric made in the villages), textiles, costumes, headdresses of this region. It also presents the various facets of the life of the rural world in the Poitou countryside through the seasons and the centuries without forgetting the other exhibition rooms: the country room (geology, flora, regional fauna); a forge ; a wooden room with its Middle Ages and Renaissance towers.


Conditions of visit: Free visit only by appointment, Guided visit only by appointment

Further information

Museum themes: Popular arts and traditions, Professions
Type of additional equipment: Small rural heritage
People of Cherves
7 rue de la Mairie