Château de la Chapelle-Bellouin

The Chapelle-Bellouin castle, in La Roche-Rigault, a 1th century castle, built next to a XNUMXth century tower, the lower part of which remains, and which was completely refurbished during the first renaissance by Henri Bohier. The latter was François XNUMXer's finance general, just like his younger brother, who built Chenonceau. It is the unique example of a fortified castle, completely renovated by introducing Renaissance architecture in our country.

Became royal property, it was offered by François 1er to the de Sourdis family who remained in the first circle at the court of the kings of France until the death of Gabrielle d'Estrées, their niece and adopted daughter.

The Bellouin chapel was incorporated into the Duchy Peerage by letters patent from Louis XIII. The destruction of the Château de Richelieu allows the Bellouin chapel to become the head of a stronghold.


Conditions of visit: Guided tour

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Type of site/monument/small heritage: Castle of
Chapelle-Bellouin Castle
Place called La Chapelle
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