Cultural discoveries From 6 years History

L’Express du Grand Atelier, Retour vers le Passé


A routine that goes off the rails

Hang in there! The Express Châtellerault-Paris is ready to leave the Grand Atelier platform.

The destination: the years 1890 to 1970 and their crazy energy. At each station, its share of surprises, challenges and mysteries to solve together. The only problem is that the machine goes into overdrive and you're in a race against time!

Artists, mechanics, furry people, designers and workers, put on all the hats to overcome this puzzle and return to the present in time. An adventure that goes off the rails, to the delight of the whole family.

Practical information

Mandatory reservation

The rates

Adult price: €7. Reduced rate (-25 years): €2.


Open from February 10 to December 31.

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Le Grand Atelier, Museum of Art and Industry

Le Grand Atelier, Museum of Art and Industry
3 rue Clement Krebs
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L’Express du Grand Atelier, Back to the Past
Le Grand Atlier, Museum of Art and Industry
3 Rue Clement Krebs