Tèrra Aventura : Surchauffe à la Manu !


Tèrra Aventura, the free treasure hunt, accessible to all!

Located at the threshold of Poitou and at the confluence of the Vienne, Clain, Envigne and Ozon, Châtellerault took advantage of this privileged location to develop, from the Middle Ages, activities and know-how, such as shipping, cutlery, tanning, today almost disappeared today, but which remain anchored in the memory of the city. This is good because Zouti has to repair Zéroik's sword and will need all the help he can get.

Take advantage of your stay in this City of Art and History to visit the Grand Atelier - Museum of Art and Industry. Zart' also recommends a visit to the Théâtre de Blossac, a magnificent 19th century Italian-style theatre.

Nice course of 4 km.

Practical information

French, English
Pets welcome
Game difficulty 4 out of 5
3-5 km

Channels and labels

Further information

Location: Accessible on foot from the tourist office, In the city centre, In town
Terrain difficulty Tèrra Aventura : Level 2
Practice modes Tèrra Aventura : Walking
Facilities: Parking, Restaurant
Tèrra Aventura : Overheating at Manu!
Quay of the Castle