Tèrra Aventura : Aux Grands Mots, les Grands Remèdes


Tèrra Aventura, the free treasure hunt, accessible to all and available all year round!

Loudun has a great cultural heritage, such as the Sainte-Croix Collegiate Church, the Charbonneau Lassay Museum, the birthplace of Théophraste Renaudot, the House of Roman Art...
It is also distinguished by its beautiful tufa stone mansions, which you will discover by following Zétoulu in its epic rich in history, which will evoke the past of the Loudunais and in particular that of Théophraste Renaudot.

Nice 4 km walk.

At the end of the route, Zabeth recommends a visit to the Renaudot Museum.

Practical information

French, English, Spanish
Pets welcome
Game difficulty 2 out of 5
3-5 km

Channels and labels

Further information

Location: Accessible on foot from the tourist office, In the city centre, In town
Terrain difficulty Tèrra Aventura : Level 2
Practice modes Tèrra Aventura : Walking
Facilities: Picnic area, Bar, Car park, Restaurant
Tèrra Aventura : To Great Words, Great Remedies
86200 LOUDUN