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Approach! Listen to our advices for the the best experiences in Vienneto live unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Whether it's a nature, origianl, fun, gourmet or festive activity, find happiness for your next vacation. Use the search filters to find a real gem.

Mothe-Chandeniers Castle ©Loïc Lagarde
ZeroGravity in Chasseneuil-du-Poitou ©zerOGravity

Have you ever dreamed of floating in the air? This dream can come true thanks to zerOGravity! Dive into…

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Forest bath Agence Zebrelle Thomas JELINEK 2930 - Tourism Vienne ©Thomas Jelinek – Agence-Zebrelle

Jardin Passion Nature takes you through the forest areas of the Vienne for a “Forest Bath”: a moment of…

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Challenge the laws of balance in Chauvigny ©Amélie R. Photographies – Pomme-verte

Have you always wanted to know how our medieval ancestors were able to build buildings like the Collégiale Saint-…

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Nobility and decline at Chéneché ©Amelie R. Photographies – Pomme Verte

Looking for a fun ride? Go with the family in search of the lost documents of Gaultier, heir to Chén…

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The islands of Payré ©ACAP

Notice to nature lovers: discover the Îles de Payré, the perfect place to enjoy outdoor activities. Located…

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The green Line ©Agence Zebrelle

The old railway line between Châtellerault and Loudun, transformed into a cycle and hiking path, offers a…

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Prehistoric Engraving at the Sabline Museum 13184 - Tourism Vienne ©
Accessible to disabled persons Accessible by stroller

Let's take a detour to the La Sabline Museum in Lussac-les-Châteaux, 15 minutes from Montmorillon and its Cité de l'Ecrit where…

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The Humachai and the curse of their invisible ©Pomme-verte

Do you like outdoor investigations? Go to Monthoiron, to help the Humachaï escape the curse of …

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Luc Turlan, talented designer now based in Chauvigny, for his unique artistic style and creativity…

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Ecolaby vs. Cradolaby ©
Expériences Famille
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Mothe-Chandeniers Castle ©ACAP
La Mothe-Chandeniers
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Children posing with the Rabbits Cétins mascot. ©Pomme Verte – Libellab
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