Legal Notice

Legal Notice

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1. General

The information published is indicative. The Departmental Tourism Agency of Vienne implements all means at its disposal to ensure reliable and up-to-date information on its website.

Errors or omissions may be noted. It is recalled that the online digital version of information is not the reference element, only the digital or paper version recorded in the information system of the Departmental Tourism Agency of the Vienne and not accessible online is authentic.

This legal reserve clause is not intended to limit the liability of the publisher in a manner contrary to the applicable national legislation, nor to exclude it in cases where it may be engaged under the said legislation.

The Internet user must ensure the accuracy of the information and report any corrections that he deems useful. The publisher is in no way responsible for the use and interpretation of the content of the site, and for any direct or indirect damage that may result.

The Departmental Tourism Agency of Vienne strives to ensure permanence, continuity and quality of service. However, it disclaims all liability in the event of temporary or permanent inaccessibility of the content.

2 – Links to third-party sites

The Departmental Tourism Agency of Vienne is not responsible for the contents of third party sites to which links are established from its site.

3 – Links to the website

The website of the Departmental Tourism Agency of Vienne authorizes any website or any other medium to cite it or set up a hyperlink pointing to its content, subject to:

  • To have obtained prior written authorization from the Departmental Tourism Agency of the Vienne
  • That the content integrity of the linked page is respected and that access to the pages containing these links to the site is free and devoid of any preconditions.
  • That the page reached is not nested within other pages of the third-party site, in particular by way of frame (or "frame"), that is to say that the pages of the site
  • are not nested inside the pages of another site, but accessible by opening a separate window in the Internet user's browser.
  • To mention the source for each link, in particular when it is a direct link to content
  • That the site containing these links does not use an identity and/or content, both editorial and graphic, which could lead to confusion with the official site of the Departmental Tourism Agency of the Vienne (usurpation), within the meaning of article 226-4-1 of the Penal Code.

This authorization does not apply — and by definition is prohibited — to sites whose content is or may be assimilated to offenses: advocating crimes against humanity or terrorism, calls for terrorism or racial hatred, child pornography. , incitement to violence, etc.) and, to a greater extent, capable of harming the sensitivity of the greatest number and the image of the Departmental Tourism Agency of the Vienne. The Departmental Tourism Agency of Vienne reserves the right to request the deletion of a link that it considers non-compliant.

4 – Copyright and intellectual property

The multimedia content of the website is the exclusive property of the Departmental Tourism Agency of the Vienne in his capacity as author within the meaning of articles L111-1 et seq. of the Intellectual Property Code.

Unless authorized in writing by the Departmental Tourism Agency of the Vienne, any use of works other than reproduction and individual and private consultation, in accordance with article L122-5 of the Intellectual Property Code, is prohibited.

When reproduction is authorized, the following mention is requested: “content extracted from the official website of the Departmental Tourism Agency of the Vienne ". The Departmental Tourism Agency of Vienne reserves the right to approve or disapprove any use of its logo.

5 – Photo credits

All the photographs presented on this site are protected by the Code of intellectual and artistic property. Some may be reproduced after obtaining prior written authorization and indicating the author and source.

These requests must be sent to the Departmental Tourism Agency of the Vienne. Unless otherwise stated, photographic credits are attributed to the “Agence Départementale du Tourisme de la Vienne».

Photo credits: Poitou Creativity and Attractiveness Agency • CG86 • S.Laval • LibelLab • Iboocreation • Johan Tillet LPO • Jean-Guy COUTEAU • Joël Khamassi • Ines Interactive • Elodie Heurtebise • Pascal PONS • SAGA• Défiplanet' & Sébastien Laval • Huilerie Lépine • Eric Bergoend • Interaview • POPPR • Ludovic Di Orio • Deep Nature Spa • Ton Hurks • Milan Vermeulen • Benjamin Guimond • FUTUROLAN: Kévin Hebrat/ Gabriel Cholet/Julien Gonvalves/ James Nachtwey Jr/ Raphaï Bernus/ Clément Grosdenier • Drone solutions 86 • Mickaël Pichon • Syndicate of Melon Producers of Haut-Poitou • Jean-Philippe VRIET • Our Traveling Hearts • Château de Monts sur Guesnes • Arena86 • Ludovic Plault • Le Moulin de la Glacière • Dorian Sacher • M. PICHON – Marathon Poitiers Futuroscope 2022 • • Community of municipalities of the Clain Valleys • Image garden • Takuji Shimmura • Futuroscope: S LAVAL; VLMY&R; Gloryparis; FUTUROSCOPE Park; FactorX; Thierry MAUVIGNIER; Trelys Productions; D LAMING Architecture; Gloryparis; TO LOPEZ; JL AUDY; Geniusandco; D LAMING Architecture; Bruno Countess; Brown Agency; EuropaCorp; /Raving Rabbids TM & © 2014 Ubisoft Entertainment. All rights reserved; ACI (JL AUDY-F JULY); Kuka; BCBG; Th. RETIF; PM SINDOU; FAURIE Architect; Callune; Aerophilic; F JULY; F CASANOVA; Futuroscope_ACI; Geniusansco – Umberto TUMINO; Emilie Brouard; Christophe BENE; Achim Lippoth; EuropaCorp. ; CUBE Creative; OHERAL; 45 degrees; M VIMENET; dikdak 2019; ECA2; Manuel Vimenet; Aircopter; ESA; NASA; Designers: ATELIER DAVID JOULIN + DAVID ZUNDEL CRISTEA / Publisher: WILD ARCHITECTURAL OBJECTS; Th. RETIF • Solotiana Dedion • Studio Enorme • NGE Buildings • Studio Ludo • Max / • Sébastien LAVAL • SAS Mozart and Sébastien LAVAL • Momentum Productions: Mickaël PLANES; Benoît DUJARDIN • Zébrelle Agency: Sylvain BIGET; Tom LAMBERT; Thomas JELINEK; Bastien SAVES; Marion VALIERE LOUDIYI • Loïc LAGARDE • Edouard SALMON – Sky Studio • Green apple – LibelLab • Clo & Clem • Here we go again • Un monde à vélo • Michel MARTINET • Dominique GOMBERT • Département86 • Léa CHEZE • Claire COULARDEAU • Coraline PRONO • Benoît GAUTREAU • Margot ROUSSELLE • Michel MARTINET • Dominique GOMBERT Raphaël Creton/Sébastien Loeb/FrayMédia • G-communication: Julien GUIRAL • Béatrice GUYONNET • Séverine BOULAY • Club photo de Saulgé • Seb Jean • Ludozme • Rémy BERTHON • Nowave le spot, lac de Saint Cyr • Laser Game Evolution • Crystal • Trottin Poitou • By car Simone • Colinet • CPA Lathus • Abbaye de la Réau • Le Troglo du Coteau • Floating village of Pressac • Les caprices de Marie • Le grand Atelier, museum de Châtellerault • La Fermothèque • Zer0Gravity • Boutique l'Atanyère • Canoë KVCK • Spa at Château de Dissay • Modern comfort • Umbrella factory • Gravité • Gites de France de la Vienne • Adventurous paintball • Château de Monthoiron estate • Grand Clos estate • F. Bouteille • Spa d'O Claire • Sites-et-cie • La Mothe-Chandeniers • The Mirandes towers • Antique Evening • L. VENIER • Odyssée Prod • Alex AUTEXIER • La Belle Ânée • Annabelle AVRIL • Jordan BONNEAU • Town hall of Lusignan • Jardin Passion Nature • Indoor Skydiving Germany • Whyarchitecture • Marat Daminov – Domi Kiger • Casino La Roche-Posay • Clos de la Ribaudière • Post office for horses • Singing diamonds • V. KLEINER • Monique TREMBLAIS • Maé SIBERIL • BOULMER • Christian ARMBRUSTER • Guillaume HAREUX • Grand-Poitiers Tourist Office • La Roche-Posay Tourist Office • Pays Loudunais Tourist Office • Grand Châtellerault Tourism • Office tourism in the South Vienne Poitou • Clain Valleys Tourist Office • Haut Poitou Tourist Office • Civraisien en Poitou Tourist Office • Vincent LEROUX • Châtellerault Objectif Photo • CAGrandChâtellerault • Le Pigeonnier du Perron • TVGC • K.Lelarge • Y.Sellier • Patrice OUVRARD • COSEA • Rivaud • Town hall of La Roche-Posay • Golf of La Roche-Posay • Thermal center of La Roche-Posay • A unique image • Mélanie DUPUIS-ROY • Community of communes of Pays Loudunais • Benjamin PAVONE • Kasper • Mme Debenest • Dominique ROVERY • N.Wojtezak • Gcom • Dartagnans • Malika TURIN • EPCC • Visually: Christophe CHARPENTIER • Lucile Granseigne

6 – Protection of personal data, confidentiality

No personal information is collected without your knowledge or sold to third parties.

For statistical purposes, a cookie is installed on the Internet user's equipment. It does not allow identification but it records information relating to navigation on the website The main purpose of this cookie is to adapt the site to the requests of Internet users and to measure the audience (number of visits, page views, activity of the Internet user, frequency of return, etc.). The retention period for the information collected is six months.

The information requested in the site forms may be mandatory (presence of the * symbol) or optional. They are intended for the services of the Departmental Tourism Agency of the Vienne responsible for processing applications. The treatments implemented are specified and the collection of consent is integrated into the forms.

For more information on how we process your data, read our Privacy Policy.

7 – General Data Protection Regulation 2016-679 (GDPR)

The Departmental Tourism Agency of Vienne implements processing of personal data. It is subject to the provisions of European regulation 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 supplemented by the Data Protection Act (rewritten by order of December 12, 2018) and applicable from June 1, 2019 (decree 2019-536).

Responsibility for the processing carried out lies with the Departmental Tourism Agency of the Vienne, with the exception of those for which a link to a third-party service is simply offered.

The Internet user has the rights provided for by the European data protection regulations: access, opposition, rectification and deletion (under conditions).

The Departmental Tourism Agency of Vienne has designated a data protection officer who is the official contact for all questions relating to the exercise of the rights of persons concerned by a processing operation.

8 – Applicable law and attribution of jurisdiction

Any dispute related to the use of the site is subject to French law. The consumer can seize, either one of the jurisdictions territorially competent by virtue of the code of civil procedure, or the jurisdiction of the place where he lived at the time of the conclusion of the contract or the occurrence of the harmful event.

9 – Contacts

For any question relating to your personal data or to exercise your rights, you can contact the publication manager below:

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10 – Creation of the site

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