Focus on the 2024 New Products at Futuroscope

Essential site of the Vienne, located north of Poitiers, Futuroscope Park offers you again this year some great new products, both for the little ones with futuropolis only for adults.
Find out what awaits you there in 2024!

What’s new in 2024 Futuroscope ©Futuroscope

Eclipse: the new indoor show at Futuroscope

In this all new show as a replacement for The Kube, let yourself be carried away by the incredible duo formed by a giant robot arm and an artist, plunging into a captivating world of video mapping, laser games and striking special effects.

Eclipse©Futuroscope – Eclipse

Futuropolis, the Children's World is expanding

3 new features in the Children's World:

  • Go down the “Lumberjacks River” on board a floating log to transport the wood to the sawmill.
  • To the "Hydroelect plant‘”, take a seat in a giant swing 12m high: your energy will activate the hydroelectric plant to produce electricity thanks to the force of the water.
  • And for our young explorers, a cinema room “Cinépolis” opens its doors with a program specially designed for the little ones.

Antarctica, the new immersive film

Explore this mysterious territory where you will swim alongside seals, fly over penguin colonies and witness the incredible gathering of the largest whales ever filmed. Antarctica, this wild and majestic continent, reveals its breathtaking beauty while playing a vital role in the preservation of our planet.

Come and live this unique experience alternating with the fascinating journey “In the Eyes of Thomas Pesquet".

L'Aquascope: Opening in July 

This is the news unique immersive experience in France with a unique combo: water and digital! This 6000 m² indoor water park offers 3 worlds:

  • The Sensations Space : with 8 slides such as the Rocket (trap slide), the Spiral (which goes around the building) or the Racer (double slide) allowing you to race as well as a slide with buoys for the family!
  • The Immersion Space : with an aquatic cinema allowing underwater vision with special effects!
  • The Aqua-play area for children : with a 350 m river that you can float along and accessible to 3 year olds!

Then outside, you will find a summer swimming pool, a dynamic river as well as a beach accessible in the summer!

And of course find all the new features from last year, Sparkle: the curse of black opal, Tornado Chasers, Ecolodgee and many more ...