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Forest of Scévolles - Guesnes

  • Forêt de Scévolles
  • Forêt de Scévolles
  • Forêt de Scévolles

Starting from the lovely lake in Guesnes and its recreation area, there are many marked trails to walk and hike through this 4, 000 hectare forest. The name of the forest evokes a well-known 16th century French poet, Scévole de Sainte Marthe, whose illustrious family came from Loudun. A close friend of Ronsard and Renaudot, Scévole was part of the Loudun literary circle. The forest stretches over the Cénomanien Sands, where one finds oak, nut, acacia and pine trees. The forest is home to many different animal species including: deer, roe deer, boars, foxes, badgers, stone martens etc...

Nearby : The Acadian Museum at La Chaussée, the Monts-sur-Guesnes Chateau.

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