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Aero club - Chauvigny

  • Aéro-Club
  • Recreational aviation is an effective means to really get away from it all...and flying a plane is both tourism and sport. Here at our flying centre you can learn to fly and take flying permit exams.The planes : 1 Robin DR42 : 120 hp ( flying school and for trips), 1 Robin DR48 : 180hp (for trips). Our planes equipped for night flying, as is the aerodrome.

    Hand gliding is also offered: hand gliding allows you to fly in silence and to experience how birds instinctively fly: Though initially towed by a plane, once let loose the glider can freely ride the currents, ascend and gracefully fly over the landscape.

    The club belongs to the Fédération Nationale Aéronautique (National Aeronautic Federation) and Regional Unit n°12.

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