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Tours Mirandes attraction - Saint-Martin-la-Pallu

  • Site des Tours Mirandes
  • Site des Tours Mirandes

Located just outside the town, the 'Tours Mirandes' site was once farmland, but today only the Roman foundations of an imposing place of worship, the ruins of dwellings and other buildings remain. Nevertheless, this is still the largest 1st and 2nd century site in Poitou.

Unearthed in the 14th century, the site was not really explored until 1963. The forum was more than a simple marketplace. Surrounded by temples, statues or fountains, people came to sell merchandise, settle their business in the heated civil basilica, pray or enjoy themselves in the enormous theatre, which could seat up to 7,000 spectators.

Don't miss : the Saint-Aventin Church dating from the 12th, 13th and 15th centuries. Local philosopher Michel FOUCAULT who died in 1984 is buried in the cemetery.

Nearby : Marigny Brizay and its many caves.

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