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Saint Peter's Church - Savigny-sous-Faye

  • Église Saint-Pierre
  • This 12th century church was heavily modified in the middle ages, and consequently, the church demonstrates the evolution of building techniques and it is easy to see the difficulties encountered by the builders who had to adapt to architectural changes notably seen in the shape of the vaults. The keystones bearing the coat of arms of a Dauphin of France and Count of Poitou can be traced back to the 15th century. The tomb which holds relics of Saint-Fort became the object of a pilgrimage as mothers brought their children in the hope of making them healthy and vigorous. In fact, the pilgrimage had become so popular that in 1864 there were plans to enlarge the church. Nearby : Lencloitre and Monts sur Guesnes, the outdoor recreation park at Guesnes and la Ligne Verte .

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