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Foulque Nerra Nature Walk - Loudun

  • Promenade Foulques Nerra
  • Promenade Foulques Nerra

Beneath the tramparts of the old chateau is a botanical walk with information panels.

The Foulque Nerra Walk passes through green treed areas, close to the Witches Crossroads and accross a beautiful square planted with trees, and is a peaceful area in the historic town.

Built by Philippe Auguste at the beginning of the 13th century, for over five centuries this site was an impregnable fortress and today and you can still see the 6th century watch tower erected by Foulques Nerra, lord of Anjou, as well as the band stand and cycle track from the 19th century. Information panels are located throughout the trail.

Also explore: Loudun, the home of Renaudot and its rich historical and cultural heritage.

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