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- Poitiers

  • Baptistère Saint-Jean
  • Baptistère Saint-Jean
  • Baptistère Saint-Jean

The Saint John Baptistery is the oldest Christian building in France. It was built around 360 A.D. by order of Saint Hilaire, the first bishop of Poitiers and then rebuilt in the 7th century.

The most important feature of the original building is the octagonal pool, fed by an aqueduct, used for water baptisms. During the visit, you can admire the 6th century wall paintings as well as the small Merovingian archaeological museum.

Discover the 'Notre Dame walks' - just follow the coloured lines on the pavements starting at Notre Dame La Grande church, and look out for the helpful signposts along the way as you will discover exceptional historical monuments in the old town centre of Poitiers.

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